Saturday, August 11, 2012

New Poems: "Piety's Curse Dissolved" and "Words, Words, Words"

I hope to post soon about a recent trip to India. In the meantime, I'm simply posting two poems that I composed yesterday. I'm tempted to write brief explanations of each poem, but that would defeat the purpose of poetry. The poems need to speak for themselves.

Piety’s Curse Dissolved

The moon lit the sky
With a mysterious hue
As I walked among the
Dreams of my life.

The hue brought mystic clarity,
Allowing me to see
Beyond the heart clinching night
Of piety’s curse.

Piety’s curse,
Heavy dogma,
The millstone noose
Around the neck of the soul.

They claim to know God’s “word,”
yet “abomination”
Oozes from their pious attitude
Cloaked in syrup-feigning-love.

Oozing syrup,

I wanted to die with Christ and live,
But his pious followers murdered me
Before the denouement
of sacrificial love.

Now, this night, the moon’s hue
On an otherwise dark evening
Reminds me that love can
Live and sacrifice still, free of piety.

Wordless books on
Heartless shelves,
The bible-dogma of ancient days,
Dissolved in the moon’s light. Freedom.

Words, Words, Words

Too many words,
Public prayers
Overwhelm me with flighty activity
That bypass, ignore, the still small Voice.

The first mark of genuine prayer
Is Silence
Before Mystery.
But words get in the way.

Too many words,
God, word word word, God // God, word word word, God // God, word word word, God.
Father-God… // Father-God… // Father-God.
Uhm we just…Father-God…// Uhm we just… Father-God… //Uhm we just… Father-God.
Shut up! God doesn’t have to keep hearing Her name!

Shut up, Shut up, Shut up!!!
Too many words.
Shut up!
And leave room for God.


  1. In mind of Christ even the millstone of dogma is lighter than duckling down and screams of piety are as a soft babbling stream into still waters.

  2. Writing and sharing poetry is a generosity of heart and spirit, Mark. Thank you.